Inge Arts Consultancy
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  "I found Inge to be the most professional, polite and hardworking throughout her tenure with us. The role that was assigned to Inge was a challenging one given the senior stakeholders management on director level, as well as the need to grasp the content in short notice. On both fronts, Inge did very well and surpassed expectations." 

"a key trait that i have come to admire of Inge is her ability to keep pushing on, to never give up and to never say no. I found her at all times to be very optimistic and motivated even during the tough times" "Such positive energy of Inge helped to lift our project and it's members, leading to very good progress"

Head of Business IT / Nutreco (Full reference letter)


"Inge was able to unite and inspire many colleagues from all around the globe. One of her strong points is that she is able to let people perform and collaborate even under difficult circumstances and with stringent deadlines. As a result, she managed to finalize the project successfully."

"In addition, she is a very pleasant person to work with. Always motivated, easy going and with a positive mindset."

Dr. Ir.  S.R. Sijtsma / Quality Director Nutreco (Full reference letter)


"Inge has a driven personality, she knows how to reach the business objects with heart for the organization and the people."

Drs. A. Mertens / Managing Director Pantein


"Inge immediately shows a strong drive when she start working, which soon becomes her project. She continuously radiates positive energy to project staff and enthusiasms stakeholders. Entering her goal, does not get distracted and know how to convert threats to opportunities. She is a very pleasant colleague who fully utilizes the various capacities within the project team." 

ing. G. Willemsen / Areal 


"I got to know Inge as very ambitious; she has a great drive to accomplish things. It has been very pleasant to work with her during her assignment at Nutreco Procurement.  She has a great personality and I recommend her."

René Ruepert, BSc. / Global Lead Buyer Professional Services at Nutreco